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Laser Hair removal in Dubai

We have several different kinds of world class State of art top quality Lasers for Hair reduction suit individual needs for all skin types from light skin to dark skin and fine hairs to coarse hairs without any side effects and effective result. Number of treatments and result vary individually depending upon several factors. Effective Removal of unwanted Hair with the new State of art several kinds of Lasers- Fast , safe and Gentle for all types of Skin color and tone . 

Lasers continue to revolutionize the field of aesthetic surgery , treating many things from deep wrinkles to disfiguring birth marks , age spots , facial and leg veins. And now specially engineered Lasers are combating excess, unwanted hair -effectively removing it much faster, more reliably and more comfortably than other standard methods like electrolysis, and electro thermolysis.

A giant step forward in hair removal technology 

 . This versatile laser was specially created to treat excess unwanted hair on any skin tone and type and any part of body for men and women. This laser has a dynamic cooling device that automatically cools the skin thereby allowing more energy to be delivered better results and no side effects. Here is how it works. The light sheer beam targets the pigment located in hair follicles. The laser pulse for only friction of a second just long enough to vaporize the pigment, thus destroying or significantly impeding the hair's ability to re grow, but not long enough to affect the surrounding skin. A unique patented sapphire-tipped hand piece cools on contact protecting the skin while directing the laser energy to the hair follicle. All Procedures are performed without anesthesia. Recovery is rapid and patient returns to normal activities right away.



 1) Latest fastest and painless with best result Soprano titanium Combined Alexandrite 755 nm, Diode 810 nm and Nd yag Laser 1064. Lasers are approved by FDA (USA) for Permanent Hair reduction.

 2) Its unique chilled dynamic hand piece reduces pain during procedure and cools the epidermis providing extra protection and greater comfort.

 3) There are no pigmentary side effects and patient return to work right away.

 4) There is no pain. Patients feels tingling sensation like snapping of a rubber band. there is no anesthesia required .

 5) Faster treatment for example upper lip takes few seconds and for example 1 cm X 1 cm skin area takes only half a second .

 6) Right wave length is 810 nm and 1064 nm which is longer than Ruby and Alexandrite Laser

 7) Longer pulse width is more effective and friendly with skin .

 8) Suitable for all tone and skin types from 1 to type 6 skin .

 9)Manufactured by world leaders in Lasers like Fastest painless with best result Soprano Titanium , Alma Laser Germany , Coherent U.S.A. and Cutera U.S.A.

 10) Selective absorption only by hair follicle only leaving all other skin structures undamaged .

 11) Latest state of art technology .

 12) Fully computerized with touch technology .

 13) Machine calibrates each time before procedure to ensure exact delivery of energy .

 14) More energy fluence can be easily delivered without any side effects and discomfort in order to get permanent hair reduction . We can easily deliver 20 Joules/sq cm for type III or IV brown or dark skin individual without any side effects and discomfort. Less energy does not give any permanent result and hairs are gone temporarily and results are same before and after treatment. This is very important point to understand how this system differs from other.

 15) Suitable for all age groups including small children .

 16) Dermatologist has maximum knowledge and experience about skin and hair .You should always choose dermatologist to treat your skin and hair as no other specialty can treat skin and hair as efficiently as your Dermatologist.